$3 Sample Program - Elevated Collagen - AURA Nutrition
$3 Sample Program - Elevated Collagen - AURA Nutrition

$3 Sample Program - Elevated Collagen

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AURA’s Elevated Collagen is an equal blend of Swiss sourced collagen and sustainable produced, chemical free, sprayed dried coconut oil powder. Get a natural boost of energy, collagen protein, improve your focus and elevate your day. Product size: 300g / 35 Servings (5 week supply if taken daily).
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$3 Sample Program - Elevated Collagen - AURA Nutrition

$3 Sample Program - Elevated Collagen

Regular price $3.00 CAD
Sale price $3.00 CAD Regular price
Product description

$3 samples of AURA products

To keep our sample program available to everyone, there is a limit of up to one of each product available per customer with a flat shipping charge of $2.50 per order added upon final order confirmation. 

All sample orders come with a unique promo code toward your first purchase of any full-size product.

Check out further product details here.

Free shipping on all orders in Canada and any order over $49 for U.S. Customers, automatically calculated at checkout.  Contact us if you encounter any issues regarding your order at support@youraura.ca.

Key Features

• 100% Natural

• Sustainably Sourced

• Paleo & Keto Friendly

• Grass-fed

• GMO Free

• Antibiotic and hormone-free

Health Benefits

• Skin hydration

• Slows down fine lines and wrinkles

• Supports healthy hair and nail growth

• Maintains bone density and overall bone health

• Builds lean muscle and burns fat

• Improves focus

• Boosts energy levels

• Aids in weight management



Medicinal Ingredients (per tbsp 8.5 g)
Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (Bovine).
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Medium Chain Triglycerides
Contains Tree Nuts (Coconut).

Providing the following Typical Amino Acid Profile:
Alanine 480 mg, Arginine 470 mg, Aspartic Acid 320 mg, Glutamine & Glutamic Acid 590 mg, Glycine 1275 mg, Histidine* 5.6 mg, Isoleucine*‡ 80 mg, Leucine*‡ 159 mg, Lysine* 200 mg, Methionine* 40 mg, Phenylalanine* 8.5 mg, Proline 743 mg, Serine 197 mg, Threonine* 108 mg, Tryptophan* 0.4 g, Tyrosine 31 mg, Valine*‡ 125 mg. *Essential Amino Acids ‡ Branched Chain Amino Acids


Check out our recipes section for inspiration, or tag your favourite creation on social for a chance to be featured!


What is Elevated Collagen?
Collagen peptides and the power of coconut MCT powder come together as a 2 simple ingredient product with the benefits of both! It adds a delicious creamy texture to any beverage.

Is AURA’s Elevated Creamer a clean-label product?
Yes! We don’t add any artificial sugars, flavours, colours or preservatives.

Does your creamer contain dairy?
No, there is no dairy in this product. The creaminess comes from the MCT derived coconut.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?
Our collagen is sourced sustainably from antibiotic-free, grass-fed cattle for the highest quality Collagen and our MCT Powder is sourced from sustainably harvested coconuts.

Why is there no scoop in my Elevated Collagen Creamer?
A serving of AURA’s Elevated Collagen Creamer is the same as a tablespoon, which most people have handy in the kitchen. This also reduces the amount of plastic waste with each bottle of the product.

Where do I store my Elevated Collagen?
A cool place away from sunlight and moisture is the best place to keep your Elevated Collagen fresh.

Is AURA’s Elevated Creamer vegan?
No, our Elevated Creamer is not vegan because it contains our Collagen. However, we make a conscious effort to source our product from sustainable, antibiotic-free, grass-fed animals for the highest quality Collagen.

Is Elevated Collagen safe while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
We always recommend that you talk to your health care practitioner when you are expecting or breastfeeding because nutritional requirements vary.

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 348 reviews
Definitely, something to look into and try out!!!

Certainly, Aura Collagen Creamer is something to consider. It tastes like coconut, so if you're not a lover of coconut like my spouse isn't, you might not enjoy it. Incorporating it into your regular diet is highly recommended for those on the ketogenic or Paleo diet.

Requesting more!!!!!!

This product was delivered to me at last! This is a product that comes highly recommended by me. It was effective and satisfying overall! I enjoyed the consistency of it, and the flavour was not overbearing in any way. Looking to purchase another item in a more substantial amount!!!

The taste was out of this world!!!

I don't typically use creamers, but I thought I'd give this one a shot for the sake of the review. I was blown away by how good it tasted, and I highly recommend giving it a try. I enjoyed it

Affectionate it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I put this in my coffee in the morning, and it makes it so much better. I have already purchased some more supplies to make this part of my daily routine. I enjoy the additional advantages, and I like that it makes my favourite morning coffee a healthier drink filled with collagen. It's a win-win situation and a terrific way to kick off the day.

Nice new product!

This novel coffee creamer tasted fantastic (I adore the natural coconut flavour) and provided benefits I never realized I needed. It's been hard to accept that my ordinary coffee creamer won't have AURA's perks after my trial ends. If found, I will repurchase it.

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