$3 Sample Program - Plant Based Protein Unflavoured - AURA Nutrition

$3 Sample Program - Plant Based Protein Unflavoured

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Unflavoured Plant Based Protein 500g is the best plant-based protein option with zero sugar, 25g of complete plant protein, and athlete tested to ensure quality. It's a great source of plant nutrition crafted to help fuel your daily physical activities while also offering some valuable benefits. 
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$3 Sample Program - Plant Based Protein Unflavoured - AURA Nutrition

$3 Sample Program - Plant Based Protein Unflavoured

Regular price $3.00 CAD
Sale price $3.00 CAD Regular price
Product description

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Key Features

• A mixture of Sprouted, Organic and Fermented Protein Sources
• 25g of Complete Protein (5g BCAAs)
• Fortified with Key Plant-based Enzymes to optimize digestion
• Blended with calcium and fermented ingredients to support the macronutrient profile of the female body
• Zero Sugar
• Low Carbohydrate and Fat Content

Health Benefits

• Aids in weight management (helps people feel fuller longer)
• Helps build lean muscle
• Help repair damaged muscles and tissues after a workout
• May reduce inflammation
• May lower blood pressure
• May help relieve symptoms of Type 2 diabetes
• May be easier to digest than whey-based protein powder, as sprouted protein sources increase bioavailability, digestibility and absorption.
• May decrease calorie consumption leading to weight loss



Each Scoop of 36 g Contains:
Plant-based protein blend (fermented Pea protein isolate • Organic sprouted pumpkin seed protein • Organic fermented sprouted brown rice protein • Organic fermented sprouted brown rice protein • Organic sprouted quinoa) • Plant-based enzyme blend (Protease ii, Cellulose) • Sea salt • Tart cherry • Pineapple • Papaya • Coconut oil.

Contains Tree nuts (Coconut). Produced in a facility that handles ingredients from Milk, Egg, Wheat, Peanut, Soy, and Tree nut (Hazelnut).


Check out our recipes section for inspiration, or tag your favourite creation on social for a chance to be featured!


Why is there a blend of 4 protein

Each protein in our blend has strengths and weaknesses but by combining these four select types of proteins we showcase only their strengths. Aura’s Plant-Based Protein has achieved a smooth, balanced, nutritious protein with a complete amino acid profile and no of the gritty texture typically associated with plant-based proteins.

Are fermented and mixture of sprouted protein sources important?
Yes! Fermentation increases the bioavailability of nutrients and improves digestibility. Improved digestibility has the added benefit of minimizing or eliminating bloating too. Using mixture of sprouted protein sources also increases bioavailability, digestibility and absorption. Overall, the result of fermented and sprouted protein sources is better nutrition.

Is AURA’s Unflavoured Plant Based Protein a clean–label product?
Yes! We don’t add any artificial sugars, flavours, colours orpreservatives.

How do I use my Unflavoured Plant Based Protein?
Our Protein is made to mix easily with water, milk or a non-dairy alternative.
Customize the sweetness by changing the amount of preferred liquid. Works well
as a shake or in a smoothie. For all our protein recipes check out our website.

Where do I store my Unflavoured Plant Based Protein?
A cool place away from sunlight and moisture is the best place to keep your Plant Based Protein fresh.

Is Unflavoured Plant Based Protein safe while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

We always recommend that you talk to your health care practitioner when you are expecting or breastfeeding because nutritional requirements vary.


Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 373 reviews
Simple to combine and flavourless

It mixes well and is quite simple to consume. No flavour means there won't be a taste. Awesome Product.

Very lumpy in coffee!

It worked better if I added a little coffee to the powder to spread it out before adding more to the cup. I wonder why My rating was revised. I bought it because I couldn't get it to dissolve in my coffee. When there are large lumps in coffee, it has a fragile flavour but doesn't taste very good. I needed success to use a frother and a blender bottle.

Not quite tasteless

So, whatever you add it to definitely gets a strange background flavour from it. Additionally, I've had trouble getting it to completely dissolve in liquid; nevertheless, it blended beautifully with yogurt. I like how it's just protein and not loaded with extra garbage, as other brands do!

Up the protein content of savoury dishes

Many people are accustomed to the sweetness of protein powders and use them in drinks or baked goods. After doing this for years, I got tired of consuming baked goods containing protein powder or drinking my protein. This is the unflavoured protein I've been looking for in savoury/salty sauces and dips, and it works great! It tastes fantastic and provides a tonne of protein when I combine it with some Greek yogurt, a little water, and nacho cheese seasoning from FlavorGod. I've also incorporated the same ingredients with curry powder to create a chicken-topped protein curry sauce. I've used it to make guacamole, "Alfredo" sauce with garlic, and spicy mayo. The protein powder's flavour is really mild and, to be honest, completely vanishes in any combo I've created.

Excellent for flavourless, but it might be much better

I have used up 2 grams of this stuff and have already ordered a 3 lb tub after deciding that this is the powder I should use. Because it is an unflavoured powder, it works excellently! I've tried different unflavoured powders, but they've all revoltingly sour and bitter. I can easily consume this item with water, which mixes easily with a spoon. Highly recommending Aura!!!!

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