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Keep Your Health Optimal with Lumino Health

Keep Your Health Optimal with Lumino Health - AURA Nutrition

What is Lumino Health?

Lumino Health is a platform that connects you with health-care providers, offers content on several health topics and shares innovative health solutions to help you with your health needs. It’s free for consumers and available to everyone in Canada.

With a quick search, you can find dentists, optometrists, registered massage therapists, psychologists, and more near you. Lumino Health is proud to be able to provide users access to several health and wellness institutions across the country, including think tanks, hospitals, and non-profit organizations.

How to get involved?

You can sign up for Lumino Health by using this link:

When you create an account you will have access to details about health-care providers that other search engines do not, including cost information and ratings from other Canadians. You can also request appointments with many health-care providers you find using Lumino Health. Lumino Health also offers access to articles on relevant health topics, and the opportunity to receive discounts on many health and wellness products and services through the Discovery Lab.

AURA Member Perks

By signing up for Lumino Health, it is possible to receive discounts on various products and services featured in the Discovery Lab. For example, if you are a Lumino Health member, you can enjoy 25% off your AURA online order.

To get the promo code:

Other health services and businesses found in the Discovery Lab include:

Clearly, Evive Smoothie, WellTrack and more!

If you want more information you can visit the Lumino Health website or contact us at


AURA Nutrition Featured in Lumino Health - Sun LifeWe are excited to be a part of @SunLifeCA's new health network @LuminoHealth. It features health-care solutions such as local, all-natural health supplements such as AURA Nutrition and an amazing tool to help you find health-care providers. Come find us there and see what else can help you live a healthier life. Health is happiness.


AURA Nutrition Featured on Lumino Health - Sun LifeNous sommes ravis de faire partie du nouveau réseau de santé @SunLifeCA @LuminoSanteQC. Il propose des solutions de soins de santé telles que des suppléments de santé locaux et naturels tels que AURA Nutrition et un outil incroyable pour vous aider à trouver des fournisseurs de soins de santé. Venez nous trouver là-bas et voyez ce qui peut vous aider à vivre une vie plus saine. La santé est le bonheu. 



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