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The Vancouver Sun – Seriously Westcoast Podcast Ep 1 with Kate Marshall

The Vancouver Sun – Seriously Westcoast Podcast Ep 1 with Kate Marshall - AURA Nutrition

Kate Marshall stops by Seriously Westcoast to talk to Arran Henn about how women can benefit from a daily regimen that includes MCT oil, protein powders and collagen supplements. 

Kate is a former athlete and fitness and yoga instructor who saw a need for protein powders and other wellness products designed specifically for the needs of women.

She brings more than 15 years of experience in business, as well as a lifelong dedication to athleticism, even being the seventh fastest woman to complete Vancouver’s Grouse Grind.

“The food industry never really aligned with what I wanted to do,” she admits. “Other staff would want to hang around after a shift and go out or have drinks, and I would always be like ‘Sorry, I’ve got to go home and go to bed because I have a spin class at 6 a.m.’”

Her female-focused company offers up products such as collagen boosters, energy supplements, brain function enhancers and protein supplements all in a powder form. Each product is specifically created with females in mind—and it’s not just a clever marketing ploy. Now, she’s leading a team of nutritionists and doctors to bring wellness to women in Vancouver and across North America.


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