Elevated Macaccino Latte Recipe | AURA Kitchen

Elevated Macaccino Latte Recipe | AURA Kitchen - AURA Nutrition

What you will need for today's Elevated Macaccino Latte Recipe

1/2 C of oat milk (any preference on milk) 
1/2 C of hot water 
1 TBSP AURA Elevated Collagen or AURA Ocean Elevated Collagen
1 TBSP Macaccino Drink Mix (Maca, Cacao, Vanilla) 
1/2 TSP Pure Maple Syrup 


What to Do

Bring your milk and hot water to a boil and pour it into your mug (if you desire foamy milk using a frother to desire consistency or place in a jar and shake). Place the remaining ingredients and stir them together. Enjoy! 

AURA Elevated Macaccino Latte Recipe


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