"Gorgeous Green” Smoothie Recipe

"Gorgeous Green” Smoothie Recipe - AURA Nutrition
SMOOTHIE RECIPE, “Gorgeous Green” AURA Nutrition

What you need for today's Gorgeous Green Smoothie:

1 cucumber*
1 avocado
Bunch fresh basil
1 TBSP liquid chlorophyll
2 C of water

How To:

  1. Blend until creamy and pour over ice

*Be sure to keep the peel on the cucumber, the skin-renewing elements are there, which add to your gorgeousness (Is that a word? It is now!)

Gorgeous smoothie, gorgeous you inside and out, gorgeous day – and now you’re fuelled better than most sit-down meals. Look out for our Energy Booster recipe next.


We would love to share your success and inspire bakers everywhere!" to any/all of our baking recipes. In addition, we can add this to all our recipes and just change the word "baking" to "smoothie bowl creation/to inspire smoothie bowl creators everywhere!

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