An Interview with Vajeh @ Health Customized | AURA MIND & BODY

An Interview with Vajeh @ Health Customized | AURA MIND & BODY - AURA Nutrition
Specializing in preventative wellness for the whole family, and genuinely interested in helping you on your journey of lifelong health.  Check out Vajeh's zen new clinic in Yaletown and at .

AURA - Where did you find the motivation to start your own business?

VAJEH - Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture helped me transform my life and health when I was in need. Having experienced first-hand the healing properties for this medicine, I decided to study TCM. My number one motivation is connecting with others and help improve their quality of life.

AURA - Share with me something about yourself that you're working on improving, and how you think things will be better/more productive/run more smoothly once you've accomplished your goal.

VAJEH - I am a great believer in continuing education and dedication to life long learning. I want to improve my skill set and knowledge to provide the best care for my patients. 

AURA - What do you want your patients to leave with when they see you?

VAJEH - To take control of their health and take care of their mind and body. 

AURA - What were your biggest epiphanies: The moments of life-defining change that shaped you into the person you are today.

VAJEH - My biggest epiphany was when I realized true happiness comes from within, and I recognized happiness from material things is just an illusion and short-lived. Happiness is a state of my mind, it is not something I look for or chase, it is simply my inner feeling. This truly helped me pursue happiness. 

AURA - What is your life philosophy and how did you develop it?

VAJEH - My life philosophy is to never give up and never quit. I have experienced my fair share of obstacles personally and professionally. Over time I learned to embrace my failures, pick myself up and try again. Success is so much sweeter when you’ve been down.

AURA - What is your vision for the future for you personally and professionally? Maybe add some thoughts on where you hope the world will go.

VAJEH - My vision for future personal and professional is made preventative health a priority. I want the world to focus on promoting wellness and not just treating the disease. By optimizing wellness disease can be avoided.

AURA - What is the strength of your business?

VAJEH - The strength of my business is my reputation and trust within the community as a healthcare provider. It is essential that my patients have confidence in me and believe have I am acting in their best interest at all times.
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