An Interview with Alexandria MacFarlane | AURA MIND & BODY

An Interview with Alexandria MacFarlane | AURA MIND & BODY - AURA Nutrition
We connected with the founder of @trulylifestylebrand, social media maven, and pusher of positivity.  Reach out to her and you'll always get the same good vibes!

AURA - Who are you.

AM - Alexandria MacFarlane. A life lovin' sista.

AURA - What is real for you in this very moment.

AM - My dreams. The moment I started valuing myself and knowing what I’m capable of was the moment I starting making my dreams come true 

AURA - What is your life mantra (quote, scripture, philosophy).

AM - Be happy in this moment, this moment is your life 

AURA - Describe a specific situation in that shows--not tells--how a philosophy you lead your life by, has helped you deal with a specific situation at work or in business.

AM - I knew I wanted to start a business but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. One day it just hit me. My philosophy is to help people feel good about themselves and about life. I now have a business that’s soul purpose is to make people feel good about themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. I’ve received so many messages from people who have used my products to help heal skin issues, that in the past, have made them insecure. Reading their messages on how good they feel because of my products is incredibly rewarding. 

AURA - What is something about yourself that you're working on improving/changing and what is your WHY behind this.

AM - I am working on accepting constructive criticism. I’m very true to my Leo traits and as much as that is a good thing (what a Leo thing to say), it has it’s downfalls hahaha. I’m working on being less stubborn and being open to other eyes. My way is not always the best 

AURA - Who is one person that has impacted your life? What have they taught you? 

AM - My grandma. She has passed now, but she was and will forever be the most special person in my life. When I was little, I would sleepover at her house every weekend and we would stay up all night talking. She taught me about happiness, love, spirituality and so much more. We had a bond that I will never be able to recreate with anyone else. She taught me to be me 

AURA - Describe your biggest obstacle(s) in life and how you’ve mastered them.

AM - There have been many moments in my life that could have changed my perspective or made me rethink my positivity towards.... everything!! The way I’ve gotten through these tough times is resilience. I find myself to be a very resilient person and I’m proud of that.

AURA - What have been your biggest epiphanies; the moments of life-defining change that shaped you into the person you are today.

AM - My biggest epiphanies have been moments in my life where I was being told that I wasn’t enough and that I shouldn’t be completely happy with myself. This has happened at jobs, relationships and social situations. These moments shaped me into who I am today because I have grown to be a person that strives to make others feel nothing but happiness and joy when it comes to life and themselves. During these moments in my past, it was made clear to me that this is what I want to use my life for.

AURA - Where are you headed, what are you up to, what do you want us to know.

AM - I’m currently living my entrepreneurial dreams and thriving with my beauty company, Truly. One of my goals in life is to make people feel good about themselves and Truly, I’ll help your natural beauty be its best self. I’ve formulated and packaged natural beauty remedies that I’ve been personally using for years! I’m so excited to share these beauty secrets with other babes. It’s my baby, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I’d love for you to check it out and drop a line @trulylifestylebrand

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