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Welcome to Your AURA - AURA Nutrition


We’re strong… but don’t realize how much.

We’re beautiful… but often can’t see it in the mirror.

We’re powerful… but don’t acknowledge that every one of us change the world every day with both tiny ripples as well as big acts that make front page.

Women are downright incredible.

One thing we sometimes don’t do well is taking care of ourselves. We take care of everything and everyone, but not always ourselves. We skip a nutritious meal and grab something not as healthy to go, just to get one more thing done. We skip workouts, social time, curling up with a book… When is the last time you took a Sunday afternoon nap? I know, me too.

But life’s demands are catching up to us, at every age, in various ways. High expectations have created a new kind of stress that women are experiencing in volumes we haven’t seen before. A breed of stress that hasn’t even been identified yet. Blend that in with confusing nutrition and environmental toxins, and we’re seeing the results in mind-blowing numbers.

Depression is twice as common in women than men and according to the World Health Organization, the most debilitating health crisis worldwide.

Autoimmune disorders are hitting women three times harder than men, though the medical world doesn’t know why. Is it the new breed of stress? Hormones? Probably a combination of several things and there are natural solutions that help, even with the busiest of schedules. …We’ll get those solutions to you.

Osteoporosis is hitting women four times harder than men, making it something women should address in their 20’s before deterioration begins. There’s no catch-up sleep on bone loss.

Speaking of sleep, how do we get more? Warm-bath warm-milk doesn’t cure insomnia. We need to eat foods that help our body create its own melatonin and support adrenal glands to create permanent restful sleep… We’ll share those cheat sheets with you and give you rocking smoothie recipes using those foods.

These are all modern lifestyle issues that didn’t exist hundreds of years ago, and neither did information overload. Finding the right solutions can create stress of its own, what a vicious cycle! We’ve got you covered. We’ll get you what you need in short, easy to read articles that give you simple action items that work in real life, not just cyberspace.

“Drink more water” doesn’t cut it anymore, we need multiple ways to hydrate. “Eat your veggies” doesn’t cut it anymore, we need more practical advice and easy ways to get the level of nutrition that creates optimal health without stealing yet more of our time. And what on earth are FODMAPs?


Oh, and we want gorgeous skin, goddess hair, and rock-hard nails too. We’re women, we give everything, why shouldn’t we want everything?! You need insider information on what the high-level health coaches know. …We’re bringing it to you.

We’re taking everything a notch higher. Effective, evidence-based nutrition that you can feel, quality sleep, finding and maintaining motivation to get those running shoes on or yoga mat unrolled… we get you…

You’ve accomplished so much, it’s time to get to the next level with health and nutrition.

As for the issues we’re facing, we’ll overcome these hiccups the way women have overcome everything throughout the ages: Together, as a community, sharing knowledge and resources, supporting each other. It’s about how to live well, find contentment, and be fueled to achieve everything that’s in your heart. Welcome to Your AURA, My AURA, Our AURA.

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Kate Marshall is the AURA Co-Founder with a passion for all things nutrition, health and wellness.

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