Smoothies vs. Juicing

Smoothies vs. Juicing - AURA Nutrition

The pros and cons of life. Everything seems to have them, don’t they? Here’s what you need to know about smoothies versus juicing.



  1. 5–10x more vegetables than you would eat in a sitting.
  2. Alkalizing
  3. Low calorie (when all veg). 


  1. Not filling, you might reach for unhealthy, unplanned snacks for a quick fix.
  2. Stripped of fibre. This is a con that’s monumental, especially if you’re not eating tons of raw vegetables throughout the day.
  3. Unavoidably, stripped of precious nutrients at varying degrees, depending on the quality of the juicer and the food itself. That’s 2 monumental cons.



  1. Satisfying. Even if a smoothie is higher in calories than a (vegetable) juice, your daily overall calorie intake will probably still be lower. The total sum is what counts. And we can make tons of all-vegetable smoothies anyways, it’s not like smoothies are limited to fruit.
  2. All nutrients and fibre stay in. That’s an epic pro x2!
  3. Easier to supercharge with protein and supplements, which can make all the difference in overall health.


  1. It can be high in sugar and calories if not made with those elements in mind (Fret not, we’re giving you a free smoothie recipe with every one of our posts to help you max on nutrition while keeping you in your skinny jeans).
  2. …We can’t think of any other cons!


The downfall for both smoothies and juices is they’re often made with bad food combining, which creates digestive upsets as well as gut issues. Make sure you’re subscribed to us to not miss our easy guidelines on that topic in an upcoming article.


Juices are a fantastic supplement to a healthy lifestyle, but the whole food element of smoothies makes them a strong contender. We suggest you do both because there are benefits to both, but we’re leaning on the smoothie side because fibre counts. Fibre plays a major role in everything from preventing heart disease to maintaining healthy weight long term.

Smoothies will give you the substance and energy to do what AURA Babes do best: Rock it every day!

Boom. Now you know what’s what. 2 minutes of reading that you’ll use forever. So, what are you drinking today? We’re kicking off our first smoothie recipe with “Gorgeous Green”, scroll down… 

SMOOTHIE RECIPE – “Gorgeous Green”

1 cucumber*
1 avocado
1 tablespoon liquid chlorophyll
2 cups of water
Bunch fresh basil

What you Need to Do

  1. Blend until creamy and pour over ice
  2. *Be sure to keep the peel on the cucumber, the skin-renewing elements are there, which add to your gorgeousness (Is that a word? It is now!)
  3. Gorgeous smoothie, gorgeous you inside and out, gorgeous day - and now you’re fueled better than most sit-down meals. Look out for our Energy Booster recipe next.

Kate Marshall is an AURA Team member with a passion for health and wellness.
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