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Words of Wisdom by Laura Zinck | AURA MIND & BODY - AURA Nutrition

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Words of wisdom via one of our faves Laura! Don’t beat yourself up for falling off the wagon over the holidays...

@laura.zinck Falling off 'the wagon' literally happens to EVERYONE 

We are all HUMAN!

And it's OK! You don't have to be ON every single minute of every single day.

BUT, you also don't need to have the 'fuck it' attitude every time it happens and say I'll get back on track Monday (when it's Tuesday haha)....because this TOTALLY used to be me.

So here are my TOP 3 TIPS for getting back on track when you've fallen off!

  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, acknowledge that it happened, that you are human, and move on! Don't spend the rest of the week wallowing in self-pity and eating your emotions!
  2.  Pick yourself up and keep going! One cookie doesn't mean you've 'ruined' everything! One cookie means you had one cookie....hell, 10 cookies doesn't mean you've ruined everything! Make a more nutrient-dense choice for your next meal and you are good to go!
  3. When you're lacking motivation, dig deep! You aren't going to be motivated ALL the time! Again, you are HUMAN! I am not motivated all the time! So when the motivation is lacking, remember your 'WHY' behind your goals, muster up that discipline and get back to your healthy habits!
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