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AURA's Commitment

A note from our Co-Founder, Kate Marshall:

"Last week, we paused all communication and content to make space for something so much bigger than AURA and to use our own voice and platforms to amplify melanated voices.

We took time to educate, learn, unlearn and discover ways that we can take action as a brand, to continue to inspire others and contribute to lasting change. AURA is committed to doing better, being better and standing in allyship with the BIPOC community and the world.

This is not a moment in time, it's a movement, and we are here for it. We will be continuing to do the work. We will continue to support and amplify our global BIPOC community across all platforms, encourage tough conversations, support those in need, lean in and stand up by supporting women everywhere. We will continue to fight, together, united, as one."

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