Crushing It: 5 Ways to Stay on Track with Workouts

Crushing It: 5 Ways to Stay on Track with Workouts - AURA Nutrition

The alarm clock hasn’t gone off yet. You peek at it and know it’s about to screech. You’re tired, need a vacation… for a month… At this point the options aren’t to hit the 5-minute snooze button or get up to exercise, it’s whether to go to work or call in sick. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to buy the coziest comforter in the world.

For those of us who work out for a living or are professional athletes, that morning dilemma doesn’t exist. The only choice we’re making is what to wear. So how do you get motivated if your paycheck or dreams of an Olympic medal aren’t on the line? 

Sure, you know the benefits, but let’s face it, when the alarm clock goes off at an ungodly hour, the thing to get you out of your warm bed and into cold running shoes isn’t BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). 

5 Ways to Stay on Track

  1. THE DECISION. The decision to get married doesn’t happen at the altar. The decision to eat healthy doesn’t happen in the kitchen. What’s the conscious decision, the vow, you’ve taken about your body? Or have you. Now is the time. Right now, as you’re reading this. You’re a woman of your word and you would never break it. What are you promising your body? Made the decision? Perfect! It’ll be there for you ahead of your next alarm bell.
  2. MUSIC, NOT STOPWATCH. Whether it’s running outside or cardio machines in your gym, you’re used to set the clock. And then the painful countdown begins. Ditch the clock. Start working out to playlists. The average song is 3 minutes long. Divide your goal (example: 30-minute workout) by 3 = 10. Now create a playlist of 10 songs. You work out to your favourite music, not the dreaded watch. P.S. Sneak a few 5-minute tunes in there, but keep your calculations based on 3 ;)
  3. BUY THE BEST. The best running shoes, workout clothes, water bottle, music device, yoga mat… whatever your workout requires. Enhance the experience for yourself from the start. Don’t wait to reward yourself after this goal is met or that weight is lost. Reward yourself now, today. Commitment is the biggest feat, and you’ve already accomplished it.
  4. BUDDY BOOST. The buddy system works, but not everyone has that luxury. Schedules, travel, who knows. The perfect friend you have for this might not even live in the same city as you. That’s cool, get a text system going. You update each other with your workouts, share something new you might have tried, or just plain “Bed, warm. Outside, cold. Tell me something”. Avoid making it feel like wardens holding each other accountable. The idea is to share ideas, ride the wave together, and know that someone (other than your cat) is aware of your efforts.
  5. PHYSICAL CALENDAR. The key here is it needs to be something you can physically see and write on. Put up a calendar printout that you can mark a big fat X on each day you work out. It’s going to feel good to see so many X’s and a few smiley faces for the well-deserved rest days.

Now here’s the most important thing of all: You’re Already Totally Crushing It! You’re here, reading this, looking for ways to stay on track. You’ve totally got this, and now you have us on your team! We’ve got so much more coming to help you with nutrition, fitness, and seriously need-to-know health information. It’s not about “a study in Zimbabwe says…”, it’s about actionable items that you need and can apply, here, now. So stay subscribed and we’ll keep it coming. Now check out today’s smoothie recipe, designed to fuel your workouts while supporting digestive enzymes so that the rest of your day is as great as your sweat time…  


1 mango
1 banana
1 cup pineapple
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
2 cups coconut water (coconut milk, or plain water)
OPTIONAL: Serving of protein powder

TIP: Keep the banana peel on! There are as many nutrients in the peel as the fruit, and it won’t change the flavour of your smoothie, it’ll just enhance it with flavour and extra creaminess. It’s also a good way to extend your grocery dollar.

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Kate Marshall is an AURA Team member with a passion for health, fitness and wellness.

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