Iced Collagen Matcha Latte Recipe

Iced Collagen Matcha Latte Recipe - AURA Nutrition

Skip the sugary store-bought matcha lattes and make your own!

What you need for Iced Collagen Matcha Latte recipe

1 TBSP organic matcha
1 scoop AURA Elevated Collagen Creamer or AURA Ocean Elevated Collagen
1 C milk of choice (we recommend unsweetened coconut)
Dash organic stevia
Dash of cinnamon

What to Do

  1. Whisk matcha powder with a little bit of warm or hot water to dissolve before adding any liquid.
  2. Add Elevated Collagen Creamer and stir.
  3. Add remaining ingredients into a mason jar, whisk or stir, and sip sip!


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